A Ford Oil Change: What To Know Before You Schedule

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Ford is one of the prominent automakers in the United States. They’ve been around for over one hundred years, adapting and leading change in the automotive industry. If you own a Ford vehicle, it’s critical to get an oil change. What do you need to know about the Ford oil change before scheduling one for your car?

If you’re interested in learning more about a Ford oil change, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about how often this vehicle needs a change, what type of oil is necessary, where the oil change should occur, and everything else you need to know before bringing your Ford in for this process.

How Often Does A Ford Need An Oil Change?

One critical part of car ownership is understanding when processes must happen. How often should you schedule an oil change for your Ford?

According to me.ford.com, a typical Ford needs an oil change every 7,500 miles. Typically, this number means an oil change twice a year for the standard driver. 

It’s critical to note that every vehicle is different. Some Ford cars require more frequent oil changes than others. Before you schedule an appointment, examine the manual. The information will help determine when to put this service on your calendar. 

If you drive your car frequently, you may need more chances than Ford recommends. If you barely move your vehicle, you may need less. No matter how little you drive your car, it’s still critical to get an oil change at least once a week, or the oil in the system will dissolve and fall apart.

Now that you know how often a Ford needs an oil change, what can you expect? What comes in a Ford oil change at a traditional dealership location?


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What Is Included In A Ford Oil Change?

Many locations can provide oil changes for a Ford, and each one differs. When considering what comes in a Ford oil change, let’s discuss what is available at a standard Ford dealership.

According to ford.com, here is what you will find in an oil change from Ford:

  • A standard oil changes
  • A filter check and replacement to benefit the engine
  • Tire rotations and pressure check
  • Multi-point inspection
  • Fluid top-off
  • Battery test
  • Hoses and belts check

These ensure every component is in ideal condition for the road.

If you get your oil changed at a Ford dealership, they will complete all these items. Elsewhere, you might not get as much bang for your buck.

Now that we’ve discussed the oil change, let’s go over the oil. What type does Ford recommend for their vehicles?


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Does Ford Recommend Full Synthetic Oil?

It’s necessary to invest in the ideal oil for your vehicle, or you may need oil changes and part replacements more often. If you pick the right type for your car, you will receive excellent performance and components that last. What should you invest in for your Ford vehicle?

There are several options to select from when picking oil for your change. According to thompsonsales.com, there are synthetic, synthetic blend, high-mileage, and conventional. Most individuals choose between synthetic and synthetic blends for their system.

Ford recommends synthetic oil to users driving these cars. It will ensure your engine is lubricated and performs well in all conditions.

Now that you know what oil to put in your Ford, let’s talk about the location. Do you have to get your Ford oil changed at a Ford dealership?


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Do I Have To Get My Ford Changed At A Ford Dealership?

If you need an oil change, it’s tricky to determine where to get it done. Ford dealerships are simpler, but you might be able to save money if you go somewhere else.

Although it might be easier to get an oil change done at a Ford dealership, you don’t have to complete the process in these locations. Oil changes aren’t complex processes, so you can head to any maintenance location even if they don’t have expertise in Ford models.

Even though you can go anywhere for an oil change, it’s critical to research before trusting a spot with your car. Some businesses are better than others. The internet will let you know if you should pick a location or keep your car far away.

Now that you know you have options when getting your oil change done, how much does it cost? What should you set aside to keep your vehicle in the best possible shape?

How Much Does A Ford Oil Change Cost?

Every vehicle needs oil changes and other maintenance. It’s helpful to know the price point to anticipate for these shifts to determine how much you will spend on your Ford.

According to getjerry.com, the average Ford oil change costs $30-$140. This cost will depend on the type of vehicle you drive, and the type of oil used in the vehicle. The cost will double, as most cars need at least two changes a year.

It’s ideal to save money on the side for your vehicle maintenance. If you save more than you need, you can always put it back in your bank account for future use.

Final Thoughts

Ford vehicles need oil changes to stay running, just like every other car on the market. On average, Ford owners should be ready to change the oil in their vehicles every 7,500 miles. For most people, that means heading in for this service twice a year. This visit should include a change and other benefits like a tire rotation to ensure everything is in quality condition.

We hope this information was helpful! The more you know about a Ford oil change, the easier it will be to feel confident in whatever you decide for your car. The manual has the final say in how often your Ford vehicle needs a change. Ensure you read this pamphlet to determine the proper frequency.

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