Door Ding Repair Cost: Everything You Need To Know

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Door dings are one of the most frustrating car troubles in the world. You can get them from an accident or something as small as a rock hitting the side of your vehicle. If your car has some dings, it’s critical to get them fixed as soon as possible. You might wonder - what does the door ding repair cost?

If you want to learn more about a door ding repair cost, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the average price point for this fix, factors that influence the cost, and if you can ignore the trouble. The more you know, the better prepared you can be to make repairs. What does the average door ding repair cost? Let’s find out. 

Cost Of Door Ding Repair

Unfortunately, door dings cost more than many people think. According to, if you have a minor dent, it will cost between $50-$125 per dent. If you have something extreme, it can cost up to $500. If you have damage that hurts the window or door, it can cost up to $1,500 to replace the component on your car.

It’s also critical to consider the number of dents on the car. Some may be cheap to repair, while others will cost a significant amount for a professional to remove from the surface.

Everyone loves a sleek automobile body without a dent. However, if you get one, it can cost a lot of money to repair them. It’s critical to save money in case your vehicle gets dented on the road. The door ding repair cost is not as cheap as many assume.


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Factors That Impact Price

We’ve discussed the base price for door dings, but it’s critical to consider the factors that can impact the price. Anything can shift the cost for a driver in need of a fix.

According to, here are a few of the most prominent factors:

  • Number Of Dents
  • Dent Location
  • Dent Size
  • Repair Method
  • Repair Location

These can raise the price in no time.

Let’s dive into each of these factors to help you better understand a door ding repair cost.

Number Of Dents

The more dents your car door has, the more it will cost to repair the door dents. The more panels are damaged, the more time it will take to fix them. Time is money in the car repair world. Businesses charge more based on time. You can take the average price for each dent size and the number of dents to find a potential cost.

The location of the dents matters, too. Let’s discuss this correlation next to help you understand the severity of your repairs. 

Dent Location

Some dents on a door don’t do much to the car. You can still open and close the door without much trouble, and there are no cracks in the window. It won’t take extensive work or replacement to handle the imperfections.

On the other hand, a dent may harm the integrity of the door. It may not be able to open or shut, or there may be a piece that needs additional work for the ideal finish. These repairs will cost more than one dent that needs to be pulled back into place with the correct tools.


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Dent Size

The size of the dent also matters when determining the price point for professional repair. The bigger the dent, the more it will cost for someone to get your vehicle back to normal. This price difference is due to the repair methods used. We will get more into those later.

If the dent is a small issue, it can come out with easy techniques. An auto shop won’t charge as much because they don’t have to get into the nitty-gritty to bring the surface back to its typical self.

On the other hand, a severe indentation requires more work, tools, and time from a professional repairman. The bigger and more complex the door ding, the more a location will require you to pay.

Repair Method

There are several repair methods professionals use when working with door dings. The options available to them for your dent impact the price at the end of the service. 

Small dings allow professionals to use a strategy known as PDR. They can reshape the damaged metal back into its original shape without removing paint or sanding the surface. Usually, this process involves suction to pull the metal back.

If a dent is too extreme, PDR cannot be used. The workers have to remove paint, sand down the surface, repaint, and allow everything to dry. It costs more because there is much more time and energy at stake for the workers.


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Repair Location

The place you go for the service can influence the price, too. An individual that has not worked on many cars usually charges less than someone with tons of experience. Chain shops often cost more than smaller locations trying to make it in the car world.

Before you take your car in for a door ding repair, ensure you research repair locations around the area. You may be able to find an inexperienced worker who will complete an adequate job for less than more experienced workers. 

Final Thoughts

The door ding repair cost is not as cheap as many people think. On the low end, a minor repair will cost you $50. On the other end, a repair service can hit about $500. The more dents you have and the deeper they are, the more your fix will cost you. The price is a big motivation for taking care of your car on the road.

Although it may seem tempting to ignore the dent on the door due to the price, don’t. If you leave it alone for long enough, it will develop into a critical issue that may mess with your ability to open and close the car doors. Set aside money now to prepare for the possibility of a door ding in the future.

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