Dodge Charger Remote Start: The Full Rundown

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Black Dodge Charger in the desert

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The Dodge Charger offers convenient remote start capabilities through the key fob and Uconnect app, allowing owners to start their vehicle’s engine and get the interior to a comfortable temperature before even getting in. Here is a comprehensive guide to Dodge Charger remote start. Although the Dodge Charger has been around since the 1960s, we’re covering modern Chargers, starting with the sixth generation that entered production for the 2006 model year.

Dodge Charger Remote Start: Key Fob

The key fob with your Dodge Charger has a button specifically for remote start—look for a curricular arrow surrounding an “x2” symbol. If you don’t see this dedicated button, your car isn’t equipped with a factory-installed remote start. Assuming you have Dodge Charger remote start, press the button twice within five seconds and hold the button down on the second try. The car will start up and run for 15 minutes before automatically shutting off. 

When using the key fob for remote start, ensure you are within 80 feet of the vehicle and there are no major obstructions between you and the Charger. The key fob sends out a radio signal to the vehicle, so the range is limited. Walls, buildings, and extended distances can interfere with the signal. With practice, you’ll get a sense of the effective distance at different locations.

You’ll know the engine has started when the parking lights flash. At this point, the climate control system also kicks on to heat or cool the cabin based on your last settings. If you want to turn off the engine after a remote start, just press the remote start button one time. The parking lights will flash again to confirm.


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Dodge Charger Remote Start Tips

  • The Charger’s doors will remain locked for security during remote start operation.  Use the key fob or the physical key to access the vehicle.
  • The engine will not start if the key is already in the ignition slot or if the hood is open. This prevents accidental starting if someone is servicing your vehicle.
  • Your Charger’s alarm system will not arm during remote start mode. 
  • Remote start may not work if the battery level in the key fob is too low. Try changing the battery if you notice problems using remote start. 

Dodge Charger Remote Start: Uconnect App

In addition to the key fob, owners of Dodge Chargers with the Uconnect system can remotely start their vehicle using the Uconnect smartphone app or the Mopar Owner website  (

First, download the Uconnect app from your phone’s app store and log in with your Uconnect username and password. If this is your first time using the app, you must agree to the terms of service. The Uconnect app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Once logged in, you’ll see your vehicle’s profile. Tap the circular arrow button to send the remote start command. 

Next, you’ll be prompted to enter your unique 4-digit Uconnect security PIN. This PIN was established when you first registered your Uconnect system, so if you don’t remember it, you may need to call Uconnect support to reset it. This PIN is an additional security measure to prevent unauthorized remote access.

After entering the PIN, the app will confirm that your start request was sent. It takes about three minutes for the command to get through to your Charger via the cellular network. You’ll get another notification once your Dodge receives the signal and the engine starts. The engine will run for 15 minutes before shutting off, just like using the key fob. You can send another start command to add time if needed. To turn off the engine after starting with the app, tap the circular arrow button again (or press the cancel icon), which will send a stop command.


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Dodge Charger Remote Start Tips for Uconnect

  • Your Charger has to be in an area with active cellular service for a remote start command to be received. Otherwise, the Uconnect app can’t link to the car.
  • An ignition cycle reset (manually turning the car on and off) is required after a remote horn/lights command before remote start can be activated. This prevents accidental repeated starting.
  • You can’t drive your Charger via the app; the key still needs to be physically present. 
  • Uconnect may not be functional If your Charger is parked in an underground garage or other structure that blocks signals.
  • Check the Uconnect app periodically for software updates to maintain optimal connectivity.

Tips for Using Dodge Charger Remote Start

Here are some final tips to use remote start effectively and avoid issues on your Dodge Charger:

  • Update your Uconnect app regularly and allow background updating to ensure compatibility. An out-of-date app can lead to problems with remote start. 
  • Turn on push notifications in the app so you know immediately when your Charger received or executed a command.
  • Be patient; commands take time to go through cellular networks, especially if service is congested or spotty. Avoid sending multiple start commands if the results aren’t immediate.
  • For enhanced security and convenience, have your key fob handy for quick remote start when parking in a remote location. Use the app for long-range starts.
  • Set your climate controls appropriately before turning off the car so you return to an optimal heating or cooling temperature. 
  • Get in the habit of checking the level of the key fob battery to ensure smooth remote starts. If you regularly use remote start, having a spare key fob battery on hand can’t hurt. 
  • Memorize your Uconnect security PIN so there are no delays if you need to contact owner support. Don’t write the PIN down where it can be found by others (for example, don’t store the PIN in the car). 
  • Infrequent remote start users should perform monthly tests to confirm functionality, ensuring the system will work when needed. 
  • Experiment with different locations and positions to check for remote start range. Knowing what works from what spot adds to the convenience of the system, plus acts as an early warning if the remote start system is functioning normally (like if the key fob battery is dying).


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