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The 8 best used car pre-purchase inspection stations in Austin, TX

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When buying a used car, a pre-purchase inspection is a critical step. A licensed, third-party mechanic will give the vehicle a thorough inspection before the sale is made, notifying you of any hard-to-find problems that might make you think twice about buying.

Buying a used car without a pre-purchase inspection is almost as bad as buying a car sight-unseen, since there may be hidden problems that you can’t detect on a test drive.

Here’s a list of the 8 best pre-purchase inspection services in the Austin, Texas area. 

Auto P.I.

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Address: Mobile

Phone Number: 512-454-5999

Specialty: Mobile pre-purchase auto inspections

Website: https://www.autopi.com/

Auto P.I. specializes solely in pre-purchase inspections. All their techs are ASE certified and trained to spot frame & body damage.

With a fully mobile service, Auto P.I. will come directly to the vehicle’s location with vehicle lifts and all the tools needed to perform a thorough inspection.

Thanks to the quality and convenience of their services, they’ve attained a 4.5 star rating on Yelp and a 4.6 star rating on Google.

If you’re looking for the best pre-purchase inspection service in Austin, it’s Auto P.I..


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Dave’s Ultimate Automotive

Address: 2711 W Howard Ln, Austin, TX 78728

Phone Number: 512-649-3103

Specialty: Friendly, family-owned service

Website: https://davesultimateautomotive.com/north-austin/

Dave’s Ultimate Automotive is a family-owned, full-service shop that offers used car pre-purchase inspections.

Dave’s Ultimate Automotive offers a 3 year/36000 mile warranty on any work they do. They also have 6 locations and 3 of them are in the Austin area. Dave’s also has a shuttle service, if your pre-purchase inspection takes a while.

In the true spirit of family-owned businesses, Dave’s Ultimate Automotive is friendly, easy to work with, and well-loved by their customers- they’ve earned a 4.6 star rating on Google. Customers have nothing but positive things to say about their

If you need a pre purchase inspection done and want to keep using the same mechanic afterwards, Dave will treat you right.

Tech Automotive

Address: 8601 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757

Phone Number: 512-407-8530

Specialty: Auto Repair

Website: https://www.techoneauto.com/

Tech One Automotive is a family owned and operated repair shop that offers pre-purchase inspections, among a wide range of other services.

Tech One has a loaner service if you need it, a 4 year/40,000 mile warranty on any work they perform, and do state inspections as well as pre-purchase inspections.

Tech One Automotive has a fantastic 4.9 star rating on Google, and judging from testimonials, they’ve earned it. If you want a pre-purchase inspection done, Tech Automotive.


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Lemon Busters

Address: Mobile service

Phone Number: 512-454-5666

Specialty: Heavy vehicle inspections

Website: http://autolemondetectors.org/

Lemon Busters specializes in pre-purchase inspection. They’re a mobile service operating in San Antonio and Austin.

All their techs are ASE certified, and a good portion of them are experienced with heavy duty vehicles, should you want your bulldozer inspected.

They have a very thorough 600 point inspection performed on any vehicles that get inspected by them, which leaves no stone unturned, and that’s clearly helped their customers.

Lemon Busters has attained a 4.7 star rating on Google and a 4.0 star rating on Yelp. If you need a car or heavy vehicle pre inspected in the Austin area, Lemon Busters are the outfit for you.

Austin Hybrid Battery

Address: 8421 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758  

Phone Number: 1-800-213-0954

Specialty: Hybrid pre-purchase inspections

Website: https://www.austinhybridbattery.com/

Austin Hybrid Battery specializes in, you guessed it, hybrid battery repair and maintenance. If you’re buying a hybrid used, the battery is a large concern and that’s where they step in.

Austin Hybrid offers a mobile service, up to a 4-year warranty on any batteries they install and a price matching service along with inspections.

They’ve got a 4.7 rating on Google, and great reviews from customers. If you’re buying a used hybrid or electric vehicle, take it to Austin Hybrid Battery to get it checked out first.


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Lopez Auto Repair

Address: 1900 Fortview Rd, Austin, TX 78704

Phone Number: 512-441-8939

Specialty: Auto Repair

Website: https://lopezautorepair.com/services/

Lopez Auto Repair does every aspect of repair, from inspections to timing chain replacements. They perform TX state inspections, which include emissions tests.

They have a 4.7 star rating on Google, a solid rating for a small shop with only two locations. If you need a pre-purchase inspection on a vehicle in the Austin area, they are a good shop to consider.

Austin’s Automotive Specialists

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Address: 1607 W Parmer Ln, Austin, TX 78727

Phone Number: 512-270-2515

Specialty: Auto Repair

Website: https://austinsautomotivespecialists.com/1607-west-parmer/

Austins Automotive Specialists are a quick lube station in addition to being a full service shop, but don’t let that put you off. They also perform pre-purchase inspections, state inspections and exhaust tests, and there are three Automotive Specialists stations in the Austin Area.

Thanks to their multiple locations and range of services, they’ve earned a 4.5 star rating on Google. While they don’t come to you, it’s a quick and easy process to take a vehicle into one of their shops for an inspection.

Newman’s Automotive

Address: 3916 Woodbury Dr, Austin, TX 78704

Phone Number: 512-447-7801

Specialty: Auto Repair

Website: https://www.newmansauto.com/

Our final shop on the list is Newman’s Automotive, a family-owned mechanic and auto repair shop that’s been operating for almost 30 years.

Newman’s performs a free 34 point inspection on every vehicle that comes through their shop, or you can pay for a full pre-purchase inspection (which we highly recommend). They also offer a shuttle service, free Wi-Fi, and back their work with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

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