The 5 Best Heated Car Blankets On The Market (2023)

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gobi heat car blanket

Image source: Gobi Heat

Don’t let the cold weather hinder your love for travel and the outdoors. You can still enjoy camping and hiking during the fall season with proper preparation and the right gear. A heated car blanket is a great product that keeps you warm and cozy, whether in your vehicle or exploring the great outdoors.

If you live in a colder environment, having a heated car blanket ensures on-demand warmth and coziness, especially on those dreaded below-freezing days. Alternatively, you may use your heated blankets for outdoor camping trips since some products easily hook to your vehicle, and some are rechargeable. Then, there’s the use case for emergencies where you’re stuck in your car.

For today’s buyers’ guide, we walk you through some of the best heated car blankets you can buy to help you stay warm and toasty inside your vehicle. Let’s dive right in.


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1. Gobi Heat Zen Portable Heated Blanket

Price: $249

The Gobi Heat Zen Portable Heated Blanket is our top pick for this list of the best heated car blankets. Arguably, the best quality of the Zen Portable Heated Blanket is its portable and rechargeable design, which means pesky cords won’t get in your way of getting on-demand heat.

We spoke to Gobi Heat’s CEO and founder, Jaye Genung, and she had this to share: “Our goal in designing the Zen Portable Heated Blanket is for this to be the ultimate heated blanket. It’s equally useful on a long road trip as it is on the couch or even on a chilly night camping.”

The cordless design of the blanket makes it very versatile. You can use it outdoors on camping trips, at sporting events in stadium parking lots, keep it in your car for emergencies without needing to be close to a power source, or even curl up with it at home, all thanks to the included universal power kit that enables all use types. 

It comes with a Lithium Polymer battery which provides six to ten hours of heat, depending on the settings. However, fully charging the 20,000 mAh battery can take up to 4 hours, so plan ahead. The blanket also features a comfortable design and construction for a proper cozy experience. Lastly, the blanket folds down neatly for easy storage and transport.

Product Features:

  • 3 heat zones and 3 heat settings
  • Up to 10 hours battery life
  • Portable and rechargeable design
  • Available in three fun colors (Buffalo Plaid coming soon)

2. Stalwart Electric Car Blanket

Price: $24.31

If you want a budget-friendly heated blanket, look no further than the Stalwart Electric Car Blanket. While it may be a budget pick, this blanket can provide reliable warmth during camping trips, tailgates, or emergencies. It plugs into your car, SUV, or truck’s cigarette lighter and will keep warm until you unplug it. This blanket takes time to warm up and has no temperature control, so you have to unplug it if it’s getting too warm.

The Stalwart blanket is also lightweight and packable, so you can keep it in the car until you need it for the colder months. It comes with a 96-inch-long cord, so people in the back seat can also use it during long road trips in the cold. This heated fleece throw isn’t the most comfortable out there, but it gets the job done.

Product Features:

  • Plugs into the cigarette lighter
  • Comes with 96-inch-long cord
  • Folds easily for easy storage and transport

3. Tefici Electric Heated Blanket Throw

Price: $39.99

The Tefici Electric Heated Blanket Throw is our top pick for one of the best heated car blankets due to its comfort. Made from a double-layered soft, breathable flannel, this Tefici blanket offers maximum comfort and coziness. It’s so comfortable that you can use it as a standard blanket throw for not-so-cold temperatures by simply detaching the cord.

In addition, the blanket also has several safety features like ETL and FCC certifications, overheating protection, and the auto-off function after 4 hours. The auto-off feature comes in handy for safety reasons, but it does retain heat quite well, so it’s hardly a big deal. Finally, this is a machine-washable heated blanket, so you can detach the cord and throw it into the washing machine for convenient cleaning.

Product Features:

  • Made from double-layered soft breathable flannel
  • Auto-off feature after 4 hours
  • Machine washable
  • Overheating protection

4. Westinghouse Heated Car Blanket

Price: $47.99

For the always-cold motorist, the Westinghouse Heated Car Blanket is another solid product from a highly reputable brand that will keep you warm and comfy. This heated car blanket is suitable for any car, SUV, or truck with a cigarette lighter plug. The blanket is constructed of a double-layer 180gsm polar fleece, bringing a good balance of softness and comfort.


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This is the upgraded version of the car blanket which means you can customize the warmth with three heating levels. It also features overheat protection that will turn off the heat after four hours – an excellent safety feature in case you get too comfortable. Moreover, it comes with a lengthy 85-inch power cord so that rear passengers won’t miss out on the coziness. Finally, cleaning the blanket is a cinch since you only have to detach the cable, throw it into the washer, and air dry it.

Product Features:

  • 12V car heated blanket for cigarette lighter plugs
  • Three heating levels
  • 4-hour auto shut-off function
  • Double-layer 180gsm polar fleece

5. RoadPro BlackCanyon Outfitters Heated Travel Blanket

Price: $45

Last but not least, we have the RoadPro BlackCanyon Outfitters Heated Travel Blanket, which is a no-nonsense, high-quality travel blanket. It’s made of 100% polar fleece material, so we have no qualms regarding softness and comfort. It plugs directly into a cigarette lighter socket, so it should work with most cars, SUVs, and trucks. Furthermore, it has an 8-foot power cord with an LED indicator on the plug.

This is a relatively small and lightweight heated blanket, so it’s a perfect travel companion during colder months and at night. Another interesting feature is that it’s a low-power heated blanket. While it may not be suitable for extreme temperatures, you can keep it running all night without draining your car or solar batteries. It comes with a zippered bag so you can stow it easily.

Product Features:

  • 100% polar fleece material
  • Uses cigarette lighter socket
  • Includes 8-foot power cord with LED indicator
  • Easily folds and comes with zippered bag