2014 Honda Accord Recalls, Safety Notices, & Complaints

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2014 Honda Accord on a cobblestone street

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For decades, the Honda Accord has remained one of the best-selling Japanese cars in the American market. Thanks to its comfortable interior, excellent fuel economy, and focus on value, the Accord will likely remain a best-seller despite the dwindling popularity of sedans and small cars.

With that said, if you’re looking for a dependable midsize car that will take you places, it’s hard to go wrong with the Honda Accord. The Accord has always been a popular commodity in the used car market, and its track record for reliability makes it less of a concern to purchase an older model – like the 2014 Accord.

If you’re interested in the 2014 Honda Accord, you’ll want to do your due diligence. To help you out, we rounded up the 2014 Honda Accord recalls, safety notices, and owner complaints. We hope this guide helps you determine if this model fits your needs.

2014 Honda Accord Recalls & Safety Notices

As of this writing, the 2014 Accord has three outstanding recalls, which is nothing short of impressive for a decade-old midsize car. The recalls are as follows:

1. Drive Shaft May Corrode and Fail (December 10, 2020)

A recall was issued because the drive shaft could corrode and fail, potentially causing a sudden loss of drive power. Additionally, the vehicle could roll away if the parking brake was not applied before exiting the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash. It’s a reasonably big recall that affected 235,034 vehicles.


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How It Affects You

Picture yourself driving on a busy highway at a speed of 65 miles per hour. Suddenly, your car’s drive shaft fails due to corrosion over time. This failure leads to an immediate loss of drive power, and you cannot accelerate. As a result, your car starts to slow down quickly amidst the fast-moving traffic, posing a significant risk of a rear-end collision from vehicles behind.

2. Battery Sensor May Short (June 29, 2017)

The recall regarding the battery sensor that may short in the 2014 Honda Accord was initiated due to the potential for an electrical short in the battery sensor. The issue was related to the battery sensor possibly becoming damaged due to the accumulation of moisture or other substances, which could result in a short circuit. This short circuit could potentially cause the vehicle to overheat and, in some cases, fire. This is a major recall that affected 1,148,550 vehicles.

How It Affects You

Imagine this: A driver parks their 2014 Honda Accord in a garage overnight. Unknown to them, the battery sensor shorts due to moisture intrusion, leading to an electrical fire while the vehicle is unattended. The fire could destroy the car and spread to the garage and potentially the home attached to it.

3. Connecting Rod Bolts May Be Improperly Torqued

A recall was issued due to the possibility that the connecting rod bolts were not torqued correctly. Such an issue could reduce engine power, heightening the likelihood of the vehicle stalling, which might subsequently cause a crash. Furthermore, the chance of a fire could be significantly increased should there be an oil leak from the engine near any hot engine or exhaust parts.

How It Affects You

For the average driver, the improperly torqued connecting rod bolts could mean unexpected engine failure, leading to sudden vehicle stalling during traffic. This not only disrupts plans and creates immediate danger but also poses a risk of causing accidents. Additionally, the potential for oil leaks near hot components raises the fear of fires, adding stress about the vehicle’s safety during everyday commutes or long trips.

For detailed information on these 2014 Honda Accord recalls, including specific affected models and recommended actions, you should consult the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website or contact Honda customer service directly.


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2014 Honda Accord Complaints

While there are only a few 2014 Honda Accord recalls, the same can’t be said for its number of complaints. CarComplaints.com has documented over a thousand owner reports regarding the 2014 Accord and was also awarded the “Clunker” badge by the website. Moreover, the 2014 model year was also one of our picks for the Accord years to avoid for the same reason.

Below are some of the most common 2014 Honda Accord issues as reported by owners:

Starter is not working properly

Apparently, the 2014 Honda Accord struggled with a faulty starter. Some folks reported that their Accord would have trouble starting for a few weeks before the vehicle would start at all, which may point to a gradual failure of the starter system. Even after replacing the battery, the problem persisted.

There were also instances of the car experiencing intermittent dead spots when attempting to start, eventually leading to a total starter failure. Owners speculated that the starter was undersized and sporting an outdated design. Despite the prevalence of this problem, the manufacturer has yet to announce a 2014 Honda Accord starter recall.

Steering issues

Accord owners were also frustrated with their car’s steering system, which demonstrated numerous issues. Owners have reported sudden losses of power steering while driving, making the steering wheel hard to turn. This issue has occurred at various speeds, including low speeds while pulling away from a curb and high speeds on the interstate. There have been instances where the steering wheel locks up during operation, accompanied by the power steering light coming on.


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Uncomfortable seats

The 2014 Accord was notorious for having uncomfortable seats, which became a major pain point for many drivers. People have been experiencing back, hip, and leg pain shortly after driving their 2014 Honda Accord. The discomfort seems to persist, with some owners noting that it becomes unbearable during commutes and long drives. This issue is not isolated to the driver’s seat, as passengers have also complained about the discomfort experienced in the passenger seat.

Many owners have attempted to alleviate the discomfort by adjusting the seat position and using additional supports such as lumbar pillows. Unfortunately, these efforts have often been in vain.

Overall, there are only a handful of 2014 Honda Accord recalls, which helps bolster its long-term reliability. However, this car has many complaints under its belt, so keep that in mind while shopping.

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