Who Owns McLaren? Here’s the Scoop

Source: Pixabay McLaren is a British luxury automobile company that produces fast cars for interested drivers. They have been on the market since 1985, rising to the top as one of the best in the game. With car companies, it can be tricky to determine who is in charge. Who owns McLaren today? If you’re interested in learning more about the ownership of McLaren, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is One Pedal Driving When It Comes To EVs?

Source: Pixabay Over the years, electric vehicles or EVs are becoming more popular with the average consumer. On top of being technologically advanced and environmentally friendly, most all-electric and hybrid cars have features that change how we drive. One such feature is one pedal driving. For people used to using two or three pedals to drive, the concept of one pedal driving may seem foreign or even ridiculous. However, like most new technologies, single-pedal driving has its share of benefits and drawbacks.

Toyota’s Car Chip Shortage: What It Means For Automakers

Source: Pixabay It’s hard to escape the news that many automakers are impacted by supply issues for semiconductors, essential components in modern vehicles. The car chip shortage for Toyota, General Motors, Ford, and other companies has had lasting effects on the car business. Limited chip supplies mean: Reduced or stopped production for specific makes and models Selling vehicles without certain features (like heated seats) Building incomplete vehicles that can’t be sold until crucial chips become available Higher new car prices due to limited availability Higher used car prices because new car shoppers can’t find what they want What Are Microchips (Semiconductors)?

Types of Hybrid Vehicles: What’s Available On The Market

Source: Pixabay With the recent record highs in gas prices, many consumers have struggled at the pump and are now looking past gas-powered vehicles for alternatives. Nowadays, there’s no shortage of pure electric cars from many major manufacturers like Tesla, Hyundai, and Ford. However, not everyone is ready to commit to an all-electric future. This is why many people gravitate toward hybrid vehicles, a happy medium between electric vehicles or EVs and conventional gas-powered cars.

What Does LE Mean On A Car? Here’s What You Need To Know

Source: Pixabay With so many makes, models, and features available, it’s not easy being a car shopper these days. Almost every vehicle on the market is available in a bewildering variety of configurations related to their specs and price points. Most car manufacturers differentiate their car models by assigning a specific combination of letters after the make and model of the vehicle – these are known as trims or trim levels.

What Is A Tune-Up On A Car? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Source: Pixabay Owners of vehicles often hear the term ‘tune-up’ thrown around. People use the word when a car needs repair or when taking their vehicle to the shop. It seems like common sense, but what is a tune-up on a car? Are they critical to the well-being of your vehicle, or can you avoid them as a car owner? If you’re interested in learning more about a tune-up, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is A Flywheel On A Car? Here’s What To Know

Source: Pixabay The first time you see a flywheel you might wonder what the big deal is. After all, to an inexperienced eye, it just looks like a thick wheel with some gear teeth around the edge and bolt holes in the middle. The truth is that the flywheel in your car is doing a lot of heavy lifting in terms of transferring energy, keeping your vehicle from vibrating too much, and letting the starter do its job.

What Does SE Mean On A Car? Everything You Need To Know

Source: Pixabay Nowadays, it’s not easy to shop for a car. Choosing a vehicle that best fits your needs can be daunting with many makes, models, and options. When shopping for cars, you likely saw letter designations with many commercial vehicles, including SE, LE, SEL, XLE, SL, and many others. One of the many notable letter inscriptions that may confuse you is SE. What does SE mean on a car?

What Does SEL Mean On A Car? Here’s What To Know

Source: Pixabay If you know anything about cars then you already know that there are a lot of acronyms in car culture. From vehicles that are outright named acronyms for acronyms for different parts, trim levels, and functions, it can be hard to make sense of things until you get used to them. It doesn’t help with an acronym like SEL that can have multiple meanings. Most of the time SEL is going to mean Special Edition Limited or Special Edition Luxury.

What Is A Crossover Car? Everything You Need To Know

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash If you’re an avid CoPilot user/reader familiar with the automobile industry, you’ve probably come across the term “crossover.” With this term’s prevalence in numerous auto blogs, you’re likely asking: what is a crossover car? Nowadays, car manufacturers seem to have adopted the design philosophy of “we combine everything” when making vehicles. Through this particular design philosophy comes the birth of the ever-popular crossover segment.

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