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Why are Jeeps so expensive?

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Among automotive brands, there are few with more heritage and history than Jeep. Jeep does have a variety of vehicles under its umbrella, including the Cherokee and the Compass, but most enthusiasts love Jeep for its famous Wrangler. 

The starting price of a Wrangler is around $30,000 and they can easily crest over $40,000 and even $50,000 in some trim levels! This may have you asking yourself, why are Jeeps so expensive? 

This article will help answer that question, and explain to you why Jeeps are expensive – and why they are worth the type of money that people willingly pay year after year. 

So, let’s talk Jeeps!


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Heritage and History

Stretching all the way back to World War 2, the Willy’s Jeep formed the backbone of troop transport in locations all over the world. 

They were cheap, durable, and beloved by the GIs that used them in various forms of battle. Post-World War 2, the distant relative of the Wrangler (then called the CJ) started being sold in America due to the GIs who were longing for this durable, fun to drive vehicle. This was the birth of the sport utility vehicle movement. 

This history persisted all the way until today, where we still have Wranglers that look almost exactly like the Jeeps of World War II. There are no other brands and no other vehicles sold in the United States that can offer that type of heritage and history. That makes it one of a kind, and allows Jeep to charge a good amount of money for these unique vehicles. 


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Specialized Tool

Photo of Jeep Wrangler

Jeeps are specialized tools that are designed to do one thing and one thing only: go off-road and reach places that few vehicles could even dream of going. 

There is no other vehicle on the market that is more off-road capable out of the box than the Jeep Wrangler. From giant tires to low break over angles and extreme ground clearance, right out of the factory Jeeps can climb rocks and go up trails that few other vehicles could even dream of.

This specialization makes them expensive because they are meant to do this one thing extremely well. If you’re going to run errands in a Jeep, go to the mall, or take your kids to school, there are better vehicles for that job. However, there is no better vehicle for taking the long way off the beaten path. Capability costs money and people willingly keep paying for it! 


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Willing Fan Base

Jeeps also have a rabid fan base. In fact, it’s one of the most rabid fan bases of all vehicles sold in the United States. Huge Jeep meet-ups and cross-country road trips are common. 

With so many years of Jeep to choose from (all the way back from the 1950s until today), there are an incredible amount of personalities and geographical locations represented by Jeep owners. 

When a new Jeep comes out it is one of the biggest deals in the automotive universe since they are not redesigned too often. So, when they are, their willing and rabid fanbase is right there to snap up the latest and greatest Jeep. People will continue to pay for them, and Jeep will continue to charge due to this high demand. Call them what you will but the folks at Jeep are savvy business people, and they’ll keep on charging premium cash for their one of a kind vehicles. 

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