A Subaru Oil Change: What To Know Before You Schedule

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Subaru is a popular selection for a vehicle. The manufacturer has been around for seventy years, producing cars as one of the top manufacturers in Japan. If you own and drive a Subaru, it’s critical to provide regular oil changes to keep the vehicle in the best shape. What should you know about a Subaru oil change before scheduling one for your car?

If you’re interested in learning more about a Subaru oil change, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about what is included in this process, how often a change is necessary, where the change must happen, and everything else helpful to understand before bringing your vehicle in for a change.

How Often Does A Subaru Need An Oil Change?

A Subaru needs oil changes to avoid overheating and breaking. There are varying recommendations for vehicles based on the manufacturer. What is the ideal frequency for a Subaru?

According to subaruofwakefield.com, a typical Subaru need an oil change every 6,000 miles, which comes out to about six months of driving. Drivers must be prepared for at least two oil changes a year.

Of course, no two vehicles are the same. Larger cars might need them more frequently, while smaller ones can sneak past with one. Examine the manual in your car to determine the ideal frequency for your vehicle.

Those who commute long distances and drive often may hit the 6,000 mark earlier than others, leading to more than two changes a year. Others may not even hit that mark in a year. Even if you don’t reach 6,000 miles, perform at least one oil change to prevent the liquid from dissolving.

Now that you know how often a Subaru needs an oil change, what can you expect in this process? What comes in a Subaru oil change?


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What Is Included In A Subaru Oil Change?

You can get your Subaru oil changed in many locations. However, most people head to their local Subaru dealership to complete the task. What’s included at this location?

According to whiteriversubaru.com, here’s what comes in a Subaru oil change:

  • Oil change
  • Filter inspection and replacement
  • Brake check
  • Fluid check
  • All-around vehicle examination

Your vehicle will be ready to hit the road, refreshed and renewed.

If you decide to go with a Subaru dealership to complete the job, you will receive these items. In other locations, the services may vary. Ensure you research before trusting them with your car.

We’ve discussed what happens when you take your vehicle for an oil change. What type of oil is ideal for your Subaru?

Does Subaru Recommend Full Synthetic Oil?

Although most oils will work inside a Subaru, it’s critical to select the best variety for your car. A good oil will ensure your components move properly and keep a strong performance for longer. It will also keep components from breaking.

There are a couple of choices to pick from when choosing oil for your Subaru. According to thompsonsales.com, you will find synthetic, synthetic blend, conventional, and high-mileage options. Most people go with either synthetic or synthetic blends for their cars.

Subaru vehicles operate best with synthetic oil. Although it’s possible to go with conventional oil options, synthetic will perform best in the system and produce an ideal performance from your Subaru.

Now that we’ve determined the ideal type of oil for your vehicle, where should you complete the oil change process? Do you have to get your oil changed at a Subaru dealership?


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Do I Have To Get My Oil Changed At A Subaru Dealership?

There are many places to get repairs and maintenance completed on a Subaru. Sometimes it’s easier to head to a Subaru dealership, while other times call for saving money with an outside source. Do you have to get your oil changed at a Subaru dealership or can you go elsewhere?

Although there are benefits to getting an oil change completed at a Subaru dealership, you don’t have to go there for an oil change. This process is considered maintenance, so the worker doesn’t have to be an expert on Subaru vehicles to get the job done. This action might be able to save a little money on your oil change.

It’s critical to do your research when getting an oil change from a location other than a Subaru dealership. The internet will quickly inform you of the good and bad businesses.

Now that you understand where to get an oil change, how much will it cost? What should you put aside for this process?


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How Much Does A Subaru Oil Change Cost?

Many price points come with fixing and keeping a vehicle up to date. It’s helpful to know what to anticipate so you aren’t blindsided.

According to getjerry.com, the average Subaru oil change costs an average of $60-$100 to complete. This price is more than other car manufacturers, but not too much. 

It’s vital to plan for regular maintenance and repairs. If you need at least one oil change per year with your Subaru, set aside more than $100 to prepare and overcompensate for the investment. If you don’t spend all of it, you will have additional funds to add to your savings account.

Final Thoughts

Subaru makes quality cars, but they need regular oil changes like every other model on the market. If you own a Subaru, expect to take your vehicle in for an oil change every 6,000 miles, which equates to a change about two times a year. This change should include inspections to ensure everything else is safe and in operating condition for the future.

We hope this information was helpful! The more you know about a Subaru oil change, the easier it will be to feel confident in whatever choice you make for your vehicle. The better you understand the process, the easier it will be to determine what, where, and how often your oil change should occur for the best driving experience.

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