Is Ethanol-Free Gas Better? Everything You Need To Know

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There are many types of gas out there, all advertising themselves as the best for your vehicle. With ingredients, you have two choices - ethanol and ethanol-free gas. It can be tricky to determine the best selection for your car. Is ethanol gas ideal, or is ethanol-free gas better?

If you want to learn more about ethanol-free gas, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of ethanol-free gas, how it compares to ethanol gas, and if ethanol-free is the ideal choice for your car. Is ethanol-free gas better? Let’s talk about it. 

Advantages of Ethanol-Free Gas

First, let’s look at some of the advantages of ethanol-free gas. There are many mixed perspectives on the proper type of gas, so an excellent place to start is by examining the pros and cons of each offer on the market. Is ethanol-free gas better? Let’s look at a few of the prominent advantages.

According to, here are a few of the advantages that come with ethanol-free gas:

  • Improved mileage: You will get better fuel efficiency with ethanol-free gas in your vehicle. 
  • Less dependence on ethanol crops: This benefit may bring down the price of corn in the future as fewer crops grow.
  • Less engine harm: Ethanol-free gas is much kinder on the engine than ethanol.

These may appeal to the typical driver.

Many advantages come with ethanol-free gas on the market. However, it’s also critical to look at the disadvantages of the same product. These items can help determine if ethanol-free is the way to go.


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Disadvantages of Ethanol-Free Gas

We’ve examined the advantages of ethanol-free gas. Is ethanol-free gas better? To determine the answer, look at the other side of the question. Let’s search for the cons that come with ethanol-free gas. There is plenty to consider.

According to, here are the cons of ethanol-free gas:

  • Dangerous emissions: Many emissions of ethanol-free gas are worse for the environment than traditional fuel.
  • Pricey: Gas stations charge more for ethanol-free gas than they do for ethanol gas.
  • Tricky to find: You will be hard-pressed to find ethanol-free gas at your local station.

Ethanol-free gas is trickier to locate and use than ethanol gas.

Although many would consider ethanol-free gas to be ideal, it’s not practical for everyone. Let’s examine ethanol-free vs. ethanol to determine how they compare to each other.

Ethanol-Free Vs. Ethanol Gas

Ethanol gas is the most common variety you would find at a gas station. If you have the option to select ethanol gas or ethanol-free gas, it’s beneficial to tell the two apart. What are the critical differences between ethanol and ethanol-free gas?

According to, here are a few of the most critical items that set these gasses apart:

  • Cost: Ethanol gas is typically cheaper than the ethanol-free variety.
  • Ingredients: Ethanol-free gas is, as the name states, free from any ethanol products.
  • Potential for damage: Ethanol gas isn’t likely to harm your engine. However, it may make more of an impact than ethanol-free gas.

They are similar, yet very different.

Ethanol-free gas might be better for the world, but it’s also pricier and burns hotter. Some people prefer 100% gas over the non-ethanol version. Is ethanol-free gas better, or should you go with the natural choice?

Is Ethanol-Free Gas Better?

There isn’t too much of a difference between ethanol and ethanol-free gas. However, ethanol-free gas stands out in the ways that matter. If you are considering ethanol-free gas, there are a few reasons why it is superior.

Here are a few ways ethanol-free gas is more ideal for your vehicle:

  • It provides better fuel mileage
  • It’s cleaner for the engine
  • It’s better for the environment

These help it rise to the top.

Unfortunately, it can be tricky to locate ethanol-free gas on the market and it can be more expensive. If you happen to stumble across it at a gas station and have the resources to purchase it, ethanol-free gas is the way to go for your vehicle.


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How To Save Money on Gas

There are pros and cons to ethanol and ethanol-free gas. The best thing you can do, however, is to avoid filling up as much as possible. Wasting less gas means fewer worries about what type of fuel goes inside your system.

According to, here are the most ideal ways to conserve gas in your vehicle:

  • Drive slowly and avoid the accelerator unless necessary
  • Hold a steady speed throughout the drive
  • Prepare yourself for traffic ahead of time
  • Coast to decelerate instead of hitting the brakes

You should be able to hold onto more fuel.

Once you do need gas, you must decide if you want ethanol or ethanol-free. Chances are high that your local gas station will only carry the ethanol variety.

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