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The Infiniti Q60 Years To Avoid

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We've identified four Infiniti Q60 years to avoid based on recalls and common consumer complaints. Check out which ones so you can make a smart used car shopping decision.

Silver Infiniti Q60
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The Infiniti Q60 is a luxury coupe selection option, providing a new and ground-breaking step for the brand. It offers a lovely dynamic driving experience and a comfortable, luxurious appearance and feel. If you want to invest in the best vehicle for your driveway, you must understand the Infiniti Q60 years to avoid.

Many factors go into investing in a car, and one is knowing which model years in a particular vehicle are the worst. These tend to break down most often and will cost ample money to keep in excellent condition. Keep reading to learn more about the years you should invest in and other information you should know before buying.

Quick Answer: Avoid Infiniti Q60 Year Models 2014, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

There are several Infiniti Q60 years to avoid if you’re interested in this vehicle for your life. We recommend staying away from the 2014, 2017, 2018, and 2019 iterations for the best value on the market. These tend to break down the most and have ample complaints from consumers.

Which Year Models of Infiniti Q60 are Safe to Buy Used? 

We mentioned some of the worst years to invest in for the Infiniti Q60. However, there are also several excellent years to purchase used cars with far fewer complaints and much better reviews on the market.

The top selections for the Infiniti Q60 include the following:

  • 2020 Infiniti Q60s
  • 2021 Infiniti Q60s
  • 2022 Infiniti Q60s

These can perform well on the road. 

Of course, no year is going to be free from issues. However, these are less likely to give you trouble and will cost far less to keep in excellent condition than other model years for the Infiniti Q60.


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Which Year Models of Infiniti Q60 to Avoid: 

As there are quality choices for the Infiniti Q60 on the market, there are also some less ideal selections to consider. These have ample issues and are impractical for most investors. 

Here are the years we recommend avoiding for the Infiniti Q60:

  • 2017 Infiniti Q60
  • 2018 Infiniti Q60
  • 2019 Infiniti Q60
  • 2014 Infiniti Q60

These can cause ample issues on the road.

Out of these years, the worst of all is the 2017 Infiniti Q70. This year faced significant troubles with the wheels and hubs. Common faults in this area included trouble with the tires going flat, which means the car is much more likely to endanger the driver and passengers in the Infiniti Q60.

Common Infiniti Q60 Problems

Whether you invest in the best or worst selection from the Infiniti Q60, there are always going to be issues to consider in the vehicle. These are frequent issues in the Infiniti Q60 as reported by customers who have owned the vehicle.

According to, here are some of the most common issues in the Infiniti Q60:

  • Issues in the engine
  • Troubles in the transmission
  • Errors in the wheels and hubs

These are some of the worst issues to appear in the Infiniti Q60.

It’s possible to see these issues in any model year of the Infiniti Q60, but they are most common in the years of the Q60 to avoid selections that have poor maintenance from the owners. Please take care when selecting the right Infiniti Q60 year for your life.

Infiniti Q60 Problem Counts by Year

One of the best places to look when checking out the Infiniti Q60 years to avoid is first-hand complaints and reports by those who have owned the vehicle themselves. These details will determine which years are best for your experience. 

According to, here are the number of complaints by year for the Infiniti Q60:



Are Infiniti Q60s typically reliable?

The Infiniti Q60 is known for being a generally dependable selection, offering a higher-than-average reliability rating from the Infiniti Q60. It ranks better than average and comes in 4th out of 29 luxury SUV selections.

Many Infinitis are known for their dependability, and the same statement applies to the Infiniti Q60. The Infiniti Q60 is the same, offering a solid experience for the owner.


We break down the most reliable Infiniti Q60 years and makes, as well as go over some of the years of used Infiniti Q60s you should avoid to maximize your purchasing budget. 

How much does a used Infiniti Q60 typically cost?

Another helpful item to consider when looking at the Infiniti Q60 years to avoid is the price point of the vehicle. How much can you expect to pay for this vehicle on the market?

If you want the newest version of the Infiniti Q60, you will find it for a starting price of $42,250. If you prefer to go with a used version of the car, you will find it for a much lower price around $25,000.

Is the Infiniti Q60 a good car to purchase?

We’ve talked about the best years of the Infiniti Q60 and the worst selections on the market. However, there is one final question to answer - is the Infiniti Q60 an ideal car to purchase?

The Infiniti Q60 is an expensive vehicle to invest in. However, if you can afford it, it’s well worth it.


How long do Infiniti Q60s last? Let’s examine this sporty coupe’s lifespan and everything else you need to know.

FAQs: Infiniti Q60 Years to Avoid

Q: Which Infiniti Q60 years should I avoid?

We recommend staying away from the 2014, 2017, 2018, and 2019 vehicles. They performed the worst on the market and have ample complaints from previous customers. 

Q: Did any of the Infiniti Q60 years to avoid have other significant issues?

Some of the worst issues of the Infiniti Q60 come with troubles in the engine and transmission. Keep your eyes peeled for these troubles and act as soon as possible for the best results. 

Q: Are newer Infiniti Q60 models more reliable?

The newer you can go with the Infiniti Q60, the better. These tend to be more dependable than their older selections. 

Q: Is the Infiniti Q60 a good car to purchase?

If you can afford it, the Infiniti Q60 is a solid investment. However, not everyone can afford it.

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