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How much should you pay for a used 2017 Land Rover Range Rover?

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The 2017 model year is one of the best choices for a pre-owned Range Rover from Land Rover. It has nearly all the same available features as a 2020 model, and a nearly identical design inside and out. It is not only one of the most stylish, luxurious SUVs on the market, but it is also extremely capable on and off road.

With the choice of a turbocharged diesel V6, supercharged V6, and supercharged V8 engines to choose from, you have three great options so you can choose to prioritize speed, torque, or fuel efficiency.

Whichever one you choose though, you are getting a top-of-the-line luxury SUV, and getting a better deal on it by going back just a few model years and letting the original owner eat the depreciation of a new car. CoPilot will help you find a great pre-owned 2017 Range Rover at a great price.

How Much Does the Average Used 2017 Land Rover Range Rover Cost?                                

Certified Pre-Owned: $69,178

Savings vs. New: $21,722

For under seventy grand, you can own your own Range Rover. As part of Land Rover’s certified pre-owned program, the average 2017 Range Rover comes in at $69,178, about 24% below the  MSRP of a new model. 

Non-Certified Pre-owned: $67,140

Savings vs. New: $23,760

To save an extra two-thousand dollars, you can buy a non-certified pre-owned 2017 Land Rover Range Rover for an average price of $67,140. That’s about 26% below MSRP of a new Range Rover.


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What’s the Average Mileage for Used 2017 Land Rover Range Rovers?

Average Certified Pre-Owned Mileage: 33,150

Average Uncertified Mileage: 39,506

What factors affect used prices the most?

Certified/Non-certified status

Along with the comfort of knowing that your car has passed a 165-point Land Rover inspection and comes with a vehicle history report, a certified pre-owned 2017 Range Rover comes with a 7-year/100,000-mile warranty, service loaners on work covered by the warranty, out of town trip coverage, and 247 roadside assistance.

Trim levels & features

The 2017 Land Rover Range Rover comes in five trims: Range Rover, HSE, Supercharged, Autobiography, and SVAutobiography Dynamic.

2017 Land Rover Range Rover

The base trim Range Rover comes already packed with luxury features such as heated leather seats, remote start engine, a built-in navigation system and rearview camera on Land Rover’s 10.2-inch InControl Touch Pro infotainment system, a 13-speaker premium audio system, lane departure warnings, and even a WiFi hotspot. It also packs either the supercharged V^ engine or the turbodiesel V6. On average, the base mode lists for $57,240.

2017 Land Rover Range Rover HSE

The HSE trim adds soft-close doors, heated rear seats, cooled seats, 20-inch wheels, and upgraded ergonomic front seats. There is also the optional 3.0L turbocharged gas engine as a more powerful upgrade to the supercharged V6 gas option on the base trim. The 2017 Range Rover HSE costs, on average, $61,815.


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2017 Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged

As the name implies, the Range Rover Supercharged trim upgrades to a supercharged 5.0L V8 engine with 510 horsepower. It also gets 21-inch wheels and Land Rover’s Terrain Response 2 off-roading system. The average price of a Range Rover Supercharged is $67,328.

2017 Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography

The Autobiography trim adds safety features like blind-spot monitoring and lane-departure prevention, as well as an upgraded 29 speaker sound system from Meridian. This trim has an average list price of $112,033.

2017 Land Rover Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic

If 510 horsepower wasn’t enough for you, the SVAutobiography Dynamic upgrades the supercharged V8 to produce 550 horsepower, and the suspension is lowered and tuned for on-road performance. If tearing up the roads as fast as possible is your goal, expect to pay $85,345 on average.


With an average reading of 33,150 miles on the odometer, and an average savings of $21,722, you can expect to save about $6,553 for every 10,000 miles on a certified pre-owned 2017 Range Rover. If you are buying an uncertified model, you can expect to save $6,014 for every 10,000 miles.


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