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How Long Do Nissan Quests Last? The Scoop on Vehicle Lifespan

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The Nissan Quest is a unique minivan offering that was on the market from the early 90s until 2016. In a world with so many minivan options, it might be tempting to invest in this more affordable minivan selection. Before purchasing, you might wonder - how long do Nissan Quests last in a standard driveway?

If you’re interested in learning more about the lifespan of the Nissan Quest, you’re in the right place. It’s always a good idea to learn more about a car before making a final purchase. Keep reading to learn more about how many miles the Nissan Quest lasts, what is considered high mileage for the vehicle, and other helpful information.

How Many Miles Does the Nissan Quest Last?

So - how long do Nissan Quests last? According to, a typical Nissan Quest will last around 200,000 miles. This lifespan is dependent on a variety of factors, some of which you have great control over in your life.

According to, here are some items that will impact the total lifespan of the vehicle:

  • Rust, corrosion, and other decay
  • State of the transmission
  • Driving habits, like hitting potholes
  • Repairs and maintenance

These will have the biggest influences on the years your Nissan Quest gets.

If you treat your Nissan Quest with care, it will provide many years of driving in return. Don’t go over potholes if you can help it, take your car out in nice weather, and keep your eyes peeled for any issues that might arise in the system. If you notice anything, get it taken care of right away. 


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What Is High Mileage for the Nissan Quest?

You’ll find the typical mileage in the Nissan Quest to be around 200,000 miles. Thus, the high mileage for the vehicle is around 150,000 miles. While the car still should run fine at this point, there is a much higher chance it will break down unexpectedly. When it does, the cost might be far more than the vehicle is worth.

Most people choose to stay away from versions of the Nissan Quest with high mileage, and for good reason. They’re far more unpredictable than their counterparts. However, they might be the right choice for your life if you want to save some money or only need a car that will last a few years on the road. 

What Is a Good Mileage for a Nissan Quest?

Around 150,000 miles is considered high for the Nissan Quest. Thus, we’d put good mileage around 130,000 miles. Drivers who can get to this point in their Quest without encountering expensive issues, you’ve done a fantastic job with care. Anything additional is a bonus and shows the quality of your maintenance.

Those who work from home or only use their Nissan Quest for rare commutes will reach this point far later than their counterparts who are in the car every day of the year. If you get the car relatively new, it should last you at least a decade.

Maintenance matters. If you don’t neglect it, you’ll get a solid lifespan from the machine.


One minivan to consider is the Nissan Quest, discontinued last decade. Let’s expand on this by identifying the most reliable Nissan Quest years.

Should I Buy a Used Nissan Quest with More Than 100k?

Maybe you want to save even more money on the Nissan Quest, so you decide to go with a used version of the car. Since the vehicle has been discontinued, almost all available options are used. However, you might note that the most affordable selections have more than 100,000 miles on the odometer. Is it a practical choice to invest in these?

If the Nissan Quest looks like it’s in excellent condition, take it for a test drive and see if there are any issues. If it’s anything but pristine, we recommend staying away from this vehicle. It won’t last for very long past this point and will cost too much to maintain.

At What Mileage Do Most Nissans Break Down?

When looking at the lifespan of the Nissan Quest, it’s helpful to examine the longevity of the Nissan brand simultaneously. This information will reveal if it’s worth it to invest in Nissan and how the Nissan Quest.

According to, a typical Nissan will last up to 300,000 miles with excellent care. This number is excellent, but the Nissan Quest doesn’t stack up to this number.

Common Nissan Quest Issues

How long do Nissan Quests last? One helpful item to consider when looking at the lifespan of the Quest are common issues the vehicle runs into during its lifespan. Not only is it a good idea to be aware of these items, but you should also be able to spot them to enact repairs as soon as possible for the sake of the car’s life.

According to, here are a few common issues in the Nissan Quest:

  • Engine not starting
  • Fuel injectors failing
  • Timing chain rattle

These items will be helpful to know before investing in this car.

If you spot any of these items in your Nissan Quest, take the car to a mechanic as soon as possible. Delaying a repair will only lead to further damage to the system, which will then lower the longevity of the car. Typically, you’ll see these troubles arise in the least dependable versions with poor maintenance and high numbers on the odometer.


t was a fairly popular vehicle when it was in production but poor safety ratings in the last years of production led to its cancellation. Although it was fairly popular, here are the Nissan Quest years to avoid.

Final Thoughts

How long do Nissan Quests last? Typically, a Nissan Quest will last around 150,000 miles, depending on the condition. The more maintenance you put in and the more careful you are with your driving, the more years you will get from the machine. Ultimately, the lifespan of the Quest depends on your part as an owner.

We hope this information was helpful! The more information you have about the longevity of a car before making a final investment, the easier it will be to determine if the Quest is the right choice for you. The final decision is yours - but our knowledge should make it a little easier to make your final decision.

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