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The Genesis GV70 Years To Avoid

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We've identified just one Genesis GV70 year to avoid based on common problems. Read on to learn which one and which years are safe to buy used instead.

White Genesis GV70
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The Genesis GV70 is a small and luxurious vehicle. It offers two engine selections and some of the best performance you’ll see in a luxury vehicle. It only has a few model years so far, but some are better than others. Those looking to make this car their next investment will benefit from knowing the Genesis GV70 years to avoid.

If you’re interested in knowing which Genesis GV70 years are the best and which are the worst, you’re in the right place. The better you understand this vehicle and its model year offerings, the simpler your selection will be. Read on to learn about which years to stay away from, problem counts by year, and other helpful information. 

Quick Answer: Avoid Genesis GV70 Year Model 2022.

Although there aren’t many available years for the Genesis GV70, there is one out of those available that we advise refraining from for the best results. If you can, purchase any other versions besides the 2022 Genesis GV70. It offers ample complaints and some of the more issues of the four.

Which Year Models of Genesis GV70 are Safe to Buy Used?

While there are some versions of the Genesis GV70 to avoid, several are safe to purchase as used selections. These are dependable and have formed an excellent track record with those behind the wheel and in the passenger seat. 

Here are the best years to purchase:

  • 2021 Genesis GV70
  • 2023 Genesis GV70
  • 2024 Genesis GV70 

These are some of the best model years for the Genesis GV70. 

Even though these are the safest selections, we still recommend taking these used iterations for a test drive and having a mechanic investigate them before putting down a significant chunk of money. You never know how a previous owner might have cared for them. Any neglect could impact their dependability. 


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Which Year Models of Genesis GV70 to Avoid

There is only one year of the Genesis GV70 to avoid, but that could change in the coming years as the Genesis GV70 releases new model years on the market. Right now, we advise keeping your distance from the 2022 Genesis GV70.

One of the worst areas for the 2022 Genesis GV70 was in the drivetrain. Specifically, several customers reported a loss of control when the tires landed on wet pavement. While this is unfortunate, it’s also dangerous to those who don’t feel confident behind the wheel. We advise purchasing another model year if it’s possible. 

Common Genesis GV70 Problems

No matter which year of the Genesis GV70 was purchased, there are common issues nearly every version of the vehicle will face. If you’re preparing to own a Genesis, it’s valuable to know what you’re getting into before landing on a final selection.

Here are some issues with the Genesis GV70:

  • Problems with the fuel pump
  • Trouble with the differential
  • Slipping transmission
  • Faults with the drivetrain and axle

These can be a problem to handle.

Keep your eyes peeled for these troubles if you decide to make the Genesis GV70 yours. Ask a mechanic to look at it first and consider a test drive before taking it off the lot. The more you know about hidden troubles, the easier it will be to pick the highest-quality used version for your driveway. 

Genesis GV70 Problem Counts by Year

There isn’t a better way to learn more about the quality of a vehicle than by those who have owned and driven it before. With a luxury vehicle like the Genesis GV70, it’s critical to check out the problem counts by year if it’s an available option. 

Right now, there aren’t enough years of people driving these vehicles to reveal an accurate problem count based on the year. The 2022 version did have a few. While that isn’t many, it’s still greater than the number offered for the other selections. 

Are Genesis GV70s typically reliable?

While the Genesis GV70 doesn’t have terrible reviews, they don’t tend to be the most dependable selections on the market. Their dependability has gone down and they aren’t recommended by several sources.


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How much does a used Genesis GV70 typically cost?

If you want a used iteration of the Genesis GV70, there is a wide range of price points. The starting price on the lower end for the vehicle is around $20,000, while the highest number lands over the $50,000 mark. Right now, the average price point for a used Genesis GV70 is close to $44,000. 

The price for the vehicle will vary depending on several factors. The age of the car, trim selected, care from previous owners, and other details will have a wide influence on the price point. Used versions are a much better deal than newer ones.

Is the Genesis GV70 a good car to purchase?

Overall, the Genesis GV70 is a decent car if you can find the top years for a low price point. However, they have an unfortunate history of issues and are expensive to invest in. The price point to keep this vehicle in excellent condition might not be for everyone.


If you want to learn more about the most reliable Genesis GV70 year, you’re in the right place.

FAQs: Genesis GV70 Years to Avoid

Q: Which Genesis GV70 years should I avoid?

Out of all the Genesis GV70 years available so far, we advise avoiding the 2022 version of the vehicle. It has the most issues and the lowest score thus far. 

Q: Did any of the Genesis GV70 years to avoid have other significant issues?

There are several troubles to keep an eye out for in the Genesis GV70. Watch out for issues in the fuel pump, errors in the drivetrain and axle, issues with a slipping transmission, and more. If you see these, take it to a mechanic. 

Q: Are newer Genesis GV70 models more reliable?

Most Genesis GV70 years are dependable, but the 2021, 2023, and 2024 iterations are the best. Go with these for excellent results. 

Q: Is the Genesis GV70 a good car to purchase?

The Genesis GV70 is ideal if you can find a reliable year for a used price. Otherwise, it’s a bit expensive for the troubles you might face.

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