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Used Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class for Sale in Washington, DC

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2016 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class

Compact Luxury Convertible

Mercedes Benz SLK Class

Overview: Is the Mercedes Benz SLK Class a Good Car?

Seeking to stay competitive with the Porsche Boxster and BMW Z3, Mercedes-Benz launched its own compact roadster, the SLK, in 1996. Through three generations, the SLK (changed to the SLC in 2016) offered Mercedes style and luxury at a more reasonable price point (for a Mercedes). The emphasis is on its fun-to-drive character, not practicality, and shared looks with the SL, its big brother. The SLK has a tight cabin and modest cargo space (especially when the convertible is down). Still, the SLK is suitable for daily driving.

Note: Equipment, features, and trims can vary by model year. Always confirm these details when looking for a used Mercedes SLK for sale.

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Key Features

The Mercedes SLK has:

  • Two-door convertible (roadster) body style
  • Numerous engine options, including supercharged four- and six-cylinder powerplants; Mercedes AMG editions feature V8s
  • Manual or automatic transmission
  • Rear-wheel drive


The first generation SLK (1998-2004) features the SLK 320 as the base trim, while the SLK 230 Kompressor offers supercharged power. The SLK 32 AMG is the performance variant. The names (and engines) changed for the second generation (2005-2011): SLK 280, SLK 300, and SLK 55 AMG, with the Mercedes SLK 350 being popular. Meanwhile, the third generation started with the SLK 250, SLK 300, SLK 350, and SLK 55 AMG and moved to the SLC 200, SLC 300, and AMG SLC 43 with the company’s model name realignment (SLK to SLC).

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Comfort, Technology & Cargo

There’s no getting around that the SLK is small. So, the cabin can feel squeezed, but most occupants will have ample legroom. Given Mercedes’ technology focus, you’ll find the SLK laden with the latest features relative to its age. This vehicle category isn’t known for generous cargo space; the SLK is no exception.

How It Drives

If small convertibles are your cup of tea, the SLK offers engaging driving, especially with the top down. Editions with the base engines induce smiles, while more potent versions offer neck-snapping performance.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has not published any testing results for the Mercedes-Benz SLK or SLC.


Based on Kelley Blue Book data, the SLK’s three generations have an average owner rating of 4.6 (out of 5.0). Strong points include performance, reliability, and quality.

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What class is an SLK?

The SLK wears two vehicle classification labels: sports car and compact grand tourer (GT). Given its roadster body style, it also qualifies as a convertible.

Is the Mercedes SLK a good car?

The SLK offers engaging driving performance and crisp handling, all desired characteristics. However, repairs can be expensive, like with most European luxury vehicles.

What does Mercedes SLK stand for?

What does SLK stand for? A sporty (sportlich), light (leicht), and compact (kompact) vehicle.

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Fuel Economy
19 - 19City MPG
28 - 28Hwy MPG
NHTSA Rating Summary
Copilot Rating
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