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Here Are The Mazda3 Years To Avoid

Source: Pixabay Mazda has made one of the most stylish, exciting to drive subcompact sedans and hatchbacks. Each generation of Mazda3 has looked sharper than the last, managing to look ultra-modern when they first come out and age pretty well. It has always been known as a good budget car with excellent if not exceptional performance, sleek design inside and out, and a surprisingly high-end feel in the cabin. But the Mazda3’s reliability has varied a little from generation to generation, with the second generation having a massive spike in complaints for the first year of that design.

Are Mazdas Reliable? A Complete Breakdown

Source: Pixabay Manufacturers chose the name Mazda after the god of harmony and wisdom, partly because it sounded much like the name of the president of the time (Matsuda). Their first tricycle truck took the industry by storm, getting them attention worldwide. Fast forward to now, and Mada is one of the largest producers of vehicles around the world, with their most extensive markets in the United States and Europe.

Here Are The Mazda CX-9 Years To Avoid

Source: Pixabay The first Mazda CX-9 was released in 2007 as a successor to the Mazda MPV minivan. It was an enlarged CX-7 that was roomy, comfortable, and agile. Furthermore, it provided a third row that increased the number of passenger seats to seven. The CX-9 has come a long way since its early days. It is now redesigned, bigger, and more luxurious than its predecessor. Today’s post will provide details about the best models to buy and the Mazda CX-9 years to avoid.

Are Miatas Reliable? A Complete Breakdown

Source: Pixabay When it debuted back in the 1989 Chicago Motor Show, few people could have predicted the success of the little Mazda Miata MX-5. Over the decades, sports cars have become lighter, faster, and more powerful. However, when it comes to driving quality for all ages and stages, the Miata continues to punch above its weight. One of their many concerns for potential buyers of used Miatas lies with its reliability.

Mazda Gap Insurance: Everything You Need To Know

Source: Pixabay Most people don’t realize that there could be gaps in their auto insurance coverage. Although standard collision coverage is enough for most people, it may fall short when your vehicle gets wrecked or stolen. In the event of a total loss, your standard coverage may not be enough when you owe more than your car’s actual value. In this case, the Mazda gap insurance can help protect your finances.

How Much Does Mazda3 Insurance Cost?

Source: Pixabay The Mazda 3 has enjoyed solid success since it was first released. This vehicle is popular, effective, and surprisingly affordable, considering its features and performance. But, like any new vehicle, you need to know the Mazda 3 insurance cost before you can decide if this is the right vehicle for you. After all, the cost of car insurance plus your payments on any car loan are usually a big part of the budget.

Here Are The Mazda CX-5 Years To Avoid

Image source The Mazda CX-5 debuted in 2013 as a compact crossover SUV. It came with Mazda’s new design theme dubbed “KODO – Soul of Motion” and carried on its distinctive fun-to-drive character and new engine technology for agility and efficiency. Over the years, the CX-5 has evolved into one of the best-looking crossover SUVs available on the market. It now has a more aggressive and modern look, proven popular with consumers.

8 Cars Like The Mazda3: Similar Rides Worth Checking Out

Mazda3 by Vauxford — CC-BY-SA-4.0 The Mazda 3 came out with a bang and was a great release overall for Mazda. This model addressed some of the issues with previous releases, like the lack of device space in the center console while maintaining the feel and maneuverability Mazda owners love. As a compact hatchback with the option of manual control (at the top trim level), the Mazda 3 is a solid contender in its market.

Mazda Blind Spot Monitoring: What To Know

Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini on Unsplash Today’s cars are filled with incredible safety technology. One of these advances is blind-spot monitoring which has prevented countless accidents and possibly much worse. If your car research includes Mazda cars and crossovers, then you’ll want to learn more about Mazda Blind-Spot Monitoring. What Is Blind Spot Monitoring? If you’ve spent any time behind the wheel, you’ve no doubt encountered blind spots. Early approaches to solving this problem involved reshaped side-view mirrors, adjustments to the mirror viewing angle, and even tiny convex mirrors to supplement side-view mirrors.

Mazda Remote Start: The Full Rundown

Source: Pixabay Remote starters are making their way into the car industry faster than we had ever thought. Carmakers from luxury to economic are now starting to feature them on their list of standard industry features, making them something that you’re likely to see if you’re in the market for a car purchase. Mazda has had options to add remote start since 2016, however only as an aftermarket product. Now, Mazda remote start is trickling into all current models, with many of the 2020-2021 models coming with remote start as a standard feature.

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