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Are Mazdas Reliable? A Complete Breakdown

Source: Pixabay Manufacturers chose the name Mazda after the god of harmony and wisdom, partly because it sounded much like the name of the president of the time (Matsuda). Their first tricycle truck took the industry by storm, getting them attention throughout the world. Fast forward to now, and Mada is one of the largest producers of vehicles around the world, with their biggest markets in the United States and Europe.

Mazda Blind Spot Monitoring: What To Know

Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini on Unsplash Today’s cars are filled with incredible safety technology. One of these advances is blind-spot monitoring which has prevented countless accidents and possibly much worse. If your car research includes Mazda cars and crossovers, then you’ll want to learn more about Mazda Blind-Spot Monitoring. What Is Blind Spot Monitoring? If you’ve spent any time behind the wheel, you’ve no doubt encountered blind spots. Early approaches to solving this problem involved reshaped side-view mirrors, adjustments to the mirror viewing angle, and even tiny convex mirrors to supplement side-view mirrors.

Mazda Remote Start: The Full Rundown

Source: Pixabay Remote starters are making their way into the car industry faster than we had ever thought. Carmakers from luxury to economic are now starting to feature them on their list of standard industry features, making them something that you’re likely to see if you’re in the market for a car purchase. Mazda has had options to add remote start since 2016, however only as an aftermarket product. Now, Mazda remote start is trickling into all current models, with many of the 2020-2021 models coming with remote start as a standard feature.

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