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Here Are The Jeep Wrangler Years To Avoid

Source: Pixabay The Jeep Wrangler is an icon, loved by generations of drivers. One of the main reasons everyone loves it is because of its tough look that has a perfect look for roads of tar and dirt. The Jeep Wrangler has been around for a long time and, unfortunately, not every year was built to perfection. Below, we’ll share some Jeep Wrangler years to avoid, keeping you out of the hot seat when it comes to purchasing an older model.

Are Jeep Wranglers Reliable?

Source: Pixabay When people think of the Jeep brand, the most likely model that comes to mind is the Jeep Wrangler. The iconic and super popular Jeep Wrangler has recently gone through a redesign with an updated exterior and interior. What remains unchanged is the Wrangler’s excellent off-roading capabilities and broad generational appeal. If you’re looking to buy a Wrangler, you’re probably thinking: Are Jeep Wranglers reliable? For today’s post, we’ll discuss the reliability of Jeep Wranglers, what the experts and customers have been saying about them, and which models are the most and least reliable.

Jeeps with Backup Cameras: What To Know

Source: Pixabay Backup cameras are a great feature that helps to improve safety when you need to have a better rear view from inside your car. Unlike most SUVs, not all Jeep models come with this feature. This is especially for owners that have older versions. There are a few aftermarket cameras that you can mount behind your spare tire or on the license plate. However, this can be costly and a hassle if you’re not tech-savvy.

Jeep Patriot Backup Camera: What To Know

Photo by Primo Vanadia on Unsplash Since the Jeep Patriot was discontinued after the 2017 production year, there was no law about standard backup cameras put in place yet. But if you own a Jeep Patriot without a backup camera, never fear; there are plenty of options to get one installed in your Jeep. Read this article to find out more about Jeep Patriot backup camera: what to know.

Jeep Wrangler Third-Row Seating: What To Know

Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash Jeep has come out with some all-new and improved models this year, some of them with third-row seating. This new feature has caught the attention of many Jeep fans, giving them space to play and more seats for company. For now, Jeep Wrangler third-row seating is still just an option but, many are hoping it will end up being on Jeep’s to-do list. Find out more about your options for third-row seating on the Jeep Wrangler and whether or not it’s better to wait it out or add it in as an after-market product.

Our Picks for the 8 Cars with Best Residual Value

Photo by gregoire ceas on Unsplash Buying a new car is an investment, but it’s about more than just getting a fair price for a reliable and high-quality vehicle. It’s more like buying stock: you purchase a car at market cost and then watch the value of that car fluctuate as it ages. And if you choose to sell or trade-in your vehicle in the future, you have to do it at the right time in order to avoid losing too much money.

Why are Jeeps so expensive?

Among automotive brands, there are few with more heritage and history than Jeep. Jeep does have a variety of vehicles under its umbrella, including the Cherokee and the Compass, but most enthusiasts love Jeep for its famous Wrangler. The starting price of a Wrangler is around $30,000 and they can easily crest over $40,000 and even $50,000 in some trim levels! This may have you asking yourself, why are Jeeps so expensive?

Which year model of used Jeep Cherokee is the best value?

The Jeep Cherokee is a crossover SUV now in its fifth generation. Built originally as a full-sized SUV, since 2011 the Jeep Cherokee has evolved into the compact SUV class while retaining its original off-roading capabilities. But with families in mind, should you buy a Cherokee new or used? It may surprise you, but used models can actually be a great deal – there are several used options available which have a low mileage and many of the same features as the 2020 Cherokee, all for up to 26% less than the 2020 MSRP listing price.

Which used year model of Jeep Wrangler is the best value?

We compare average used cost of each year model of Jeep Wrangler vs. what they originally cost when new Whether you’re an adventurer with a need for 4-wheel drive, or you just like driving around in a classic SUV, the Jeep Wrangler is a rig with limitless opportunities. But when it comes to buying one, should you bite the bullet and go new, or are used models just as reliable?

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