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Used BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo for Sale in Washington, DC

5 Series Gran Turismos for Sale at Dealers, Ranked by CoPilot AI ?


2017 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo

Mid-size Luxury Hatchback

BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo

Overview: Is the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo a Good Luxury Car?

The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo blended hatchback versatility with sedan virtues in an upscale package when launched for the 2010 model year. Offered exclusively as a five-door liftback, the BMW 5 Series GT employed a range of smooth inline six- and eight-cylinder engines. Unique proportions prioritized passenger and cargo room over sleek styling, while advanced technology features made it feel cutting edge when new. However, slow sales prompted its discontinuation after 2016 (the body style would live on as the 6 Series GT). BMW competes head-in with Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen-owned Audi, but neither German rival built a unique auto like the 5 Series GT.

Note: Equipment, features, and trims can vary by model year. Always confirm these details when looking for used BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo cars for sale.

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Key Features

The BMW 5 Series GT offers:

  • Five-door fastback body style with liftgate rear access
  • Turbo inline-six and V8 engines
  • Eight-speed automatic transmission
  • Rear-wheel drive or xDrive all-wheel drive (AWD)


Trim options for the 5 Series GT are straightforward: the inline six-cylinder-powered 535i or the V8-equipped 550i. There are xDrive AWD variants of both trims.

Comfort, Technology & Cargo

Occupants in the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo will find comfortable surroundings in either row. Standard leather and power front seats reinforce the first-class experience. This tech-centered BMW is reinforced with available upgrades like a head-up display, night vision, and four-zone climate control. The power liftgate opens to reveal a spacious and versatile cargo area, supplemented with folding rear seats.

How It Drives

All 5 Series GT models provide smooth, powerful acceleration from the responsive turbocharged engines. Communicative steering and a buttoned-down suspension enable agile handling, which is surprising for a vehicle of this size.


Most 5 Series GT model years received a perfect five-star overall rating in testing by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). NHTSA also rated the car four to five stars in frontal- and side-impact assessments.


BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo reviews via Kelley Blue Book are not separated from feedback for the regular 5 Series sedan (including the M5 performance variant). Overall, this BMW model generation has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.0, with performance, reliability, and comfort being particularly high points.

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Is the BMW 5 Series worth buying?

5 Series sedans earn high marks for driving enjoyment, passenger space, technology, and prestige. However, reliability is always a concern (BMW 535i GT problems aren’t rare). Always get a pre-purchase inspection before buying any used car, especially used luxury vehicles like the 5 Series GT.

What is the BMW 5 Series GT?

The 5 Series Gran Turismo name applies to the fastback body variation of the midsize 5 Series sedan.

What’s the difference between 5 Series and 5 Series GT?

The 5 Series GT supplies greater rear-seat headroom and cargo versatility versus the traditional sedan. But greater functionality reduces the hatchback’s sleek exterior compared to the sedan.

Check out a used BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo for sale.

Fuel Economy
15 - 15City MPG
24 - 24Hwy MPG
NHTSA Rating Summary
Copilot Rating
BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo for Sale by City

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