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Mazda CX-5 Moonroof: What To Know

Image source The first sunroof has its roots as far back as 1937, but it wasn’t widespread or popularized in the United States until the late 1960s and 1970s. In 1973, the moonroof with glass joined the party. The big panoramic sunroofs of today are a type of moonroof that has a large glass area. Luxury vehicles and SUVs are where you’ll find these most often. Different from convertibles, and different from classic sunroofs, moonroofs bring in extra light, style, and weather permitting, a connection with beautiful sunny days.

Ford F150 Moonroof: What To Know

Image source Ford F150 trucks are some of the best well-made, durable, and dependable trucks you can buy. While heading to the job site or driving through the woods, why not have the best view possible. Make sure when you purchase your next Ford F150, it has a moonroof. Most of the new 2021 models will have a beautiful twin-panel moonroof. The primary trim levels for Ford F150 models are the XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited.

Ford EcoSport Ground Clearance: What to Know

Image source After about 15 years of production in Brazil and 4 years across Europe and Asia, America finally got Ford’s EcoSport in 2017. Its size is closer to Ford’s next smallest offering, the Escape, but it is built on the same platform as the old Fiesta. As the name implies, it offers good fuel efficiency for the class, though many other cars have caught up with it, so it is a pretty standard car for its segment.

Audi Q7 Ground Clearance: What To Know

Image source The Audi Q7 is a premium luxury SUV with great technology and great performance. Of course, that is par for the course in the class, but it is still a relief to see that a reputable brand like Audi is always working on staying at the top of their game. And their largest offering lives up to the four rings badge. With seating for 7, the Audi Q7 (see what they did there) is pretty big for the midsized luxury SUV segment, and it needs a big engine and big suspension to go with that.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Ground Clearance: What To Know

Image by u_0d207sgv from Pixabay Most car critics agree that the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a comfortable SUV that comes with serious power and upscale features. Its rugged styling and versatility make it one of the most sought-after midsize SUVs in the premium market. It also doubles as a daily commuter and a formidable off-road machine. What’s becoming more important to consumers is the amount of ground clearance that’s in the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

GMC Acadia Ground Clearance: What To Know

While only in its second generation, the GMC Acadia offers a mid-size SUV alternative that slots in between mainstream brands like Ford and Toyota and upscale luxury offerings that include Lexus and Audi. The Acadia offers three rows of people hauling and good cargo capacity as well. Of course, shoppers also consider Acadia ground clearance as well. Let’s explore what clearance means for GMC’s mid-size SUV and its competitors. Ground Clearance Pros and Cons What is ground clearance?

Mazda CX-3 Ground Clearance: What to Know

Image source It’s become the general consensus that you need an SUV to enjoy proper off-roading. Mazda is here to show you that isn’t necessarily the case. As you’ll learn in our guide to Mazda CX-3 ground clearance, you can get both off-road performance and capability in a hatchback. While it might not be the perfect off-road machine, the CX-3 certainly has a place among the rough terrain. Read on to find out where Mazda’s crossover excels and where it lags behind.

Kia Sorento Ground Clearance: What to Know

Image source There are a few notable features a vehicle must have in order for it to be a worthy contender for off-roading. One of those is ground clearance. So today, we’re taking an in-depth look at the Kia Sorento ground clearance and whether it stacks up as an off-road vehicle. We’ll also discuss some other prominent features that complement the Sorento’s ground clearance. Could Kia prove that it has what it takes to deliver an affordable off-road option?

Dodge Durango Ground Clearance: What To Know

“Dodge Durango Command Vehicle” by Lee Cannon is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 The Durango is a beast on traditional roads, the track, and trails and off-road environments. It might not be the first vehicle that comes to mind when thinking of driving up the mountains or river-like conditions, but the Durango is well equipped to handle the elements. There are currently three different models (up from just two last year) and while the Durango’s ground clearance has varied slightly over recent years, it has been consistently over 8 inches and all three of the 2021 models sit at 8.

Subaru WRX Ground Clearance: What To Know

Image source Subaru has a loyal following, great safety features and technology, and a natural connection to wilderness and outdoor venturing. The WRX’s ground clearance is a surprisingly low 4.9 inches, and less than many of its competitors. While it may have the recognition to easily drive through tough weather conditions, some car buyers may look twice at that number for wintery and off-road conditions. What does it ultimately mean for its ability to handle the elements and drive outdoors?

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