BMW vs. Mercedes: A Luxury Brand Comparison

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BMW steering wheel

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Comparing BMW vs. Mercedes is an interesting task as a consumer since both brands are iconic, focus on luxury, and have a long history of impressive performance with die-hard fans on both sides. But, it’s also important to compare these two because the last thing you want is to buy a BMW or Mercedes only to discover that the vehicle you would really love comes from the other manufacturer. 

Looking at these brands, we’ll be comparing their overall lineups, but since BMW and Mercedes both had recent releases in the last two model years, those model years will be where we focus. After all, the most recent releases are what you’re most likely to be buying new. 

We’ll be looking at overall performance, interior comfort, price and ongoing value, safety features, and more. 

If you’re not sure whether BMW or Mercedes is the right brand for you, you’re in the right place. 

BWM vs. Mercedes: Performance Comparison

When it comes to performance, BMW has an almost unbeatable reputation. This luxury brand built its reputation on powerful cars that handle beautifully, accelerate quickly, and have the power to dominate the roadways. They might not be the pinnacle of luxury vehicles, but BMWs do have a reputation for being a joy to drive. 

Mercedes has also built their brand reputation on performance and powerful engines with incredible performance ratings. Mercedes drivers love getting behind the wheel and enjoy great acceleration and turn radiuses. 

But, when we’re looking at the most recent releases, Mercedes pulls ahead in this category by a good margin. Their vehicles might not have the lightweight performance engine of recent BMWs, but the car’s overall weight tends to be a little lower on Mercedes’ side, and their engines are a little beefier in the recent models. 

All that means that while both brands drive and handle beautifully, Mercedes goes just a little farther than the recent BMW. 

Of course, depending on the exact model and model year you’re considering, BMW does pull ahead at times. It’s always worth making a direct model comparison if you’re considering vehicles from either of these luxury brands. 


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BWM vs. Mercedes: Interior Comfort And Style

When it comes to the vehicle’s interior, BMW and Mercedes have slightly different goals even though both brands are luxury vehicles. 

Mercedes is looking to ooze luxury. Their materials, design, and features are all designed to meet that goal. They choose the highest quality in all their materials and often combine wood finishing with fine leather and detailed chrome. 

BMW goes in a slightly different direction. While they also use high-quality materials, their designs are less focused on the aesthetic of luxury and more focused on comfort and the feeling of luxury. That’s why BMW has invested in more ergonomic designs for passengers and drivers. 

Ultimately, while both approaches have their advantages, we’re going to give this one to Mercedes. 

That’s not because of their design or the aesthetic appeal of their interiors, but rather because Mercedes has invested in innovative cabin technology to help keep drivers comfortable and entertained. While BMW also has a suite of technological features in their cabins, it’s not as advanced or intuitive as the options in Mercedes’ most recent releases. 

Price and Value

While both of these vehicles are high-value luxury brands, their price points are a little different. Both manufacturers have a wide range of prices, though none of them are quite as premium as the very best luxury vehicles. 

Comparing apples to apples BMW vs. Mercedes, Mercedes vehicles tend to be a little more expensive than their BMW cousins. So, at first blush, BMW looks like the better deal for a vehicle. 

However, Mercedes vehicles also hold value a little better than BMW, which means that your investment maintains value longer if you spring for a Mercedes. 

It’s also worth considering maintenance costs and insurance when it comes to BMW. Vs. Mercedes 

BMWs tend to be a little more expensive to repair because their parts are rarer, and they also come with slightly higher insurance costs on average. 

So, considering the extra costs of ownership, we’re going to say that Mercedes offers a better value for your purchase, despite being the more expensive vehicle on day 1. 


When it comes to safety, there are few things more important in a luxury vehicle. Having advanced safety features is a prerequisite of any modern luxury model, but that doesn’t mean that all luxury vehicles are made equal. 

While BMW offers an impressive suite of safety features, Mercedes wins this category easily. 

That’s because Mercedes has invested in their PRE SAFE technology, which works to make them some of the safest cars you can buy. The suite of safety features includes impressive features like automatic brakes when the car senses danger, Night View Assist, a full complement of airbags, and assists to help keep you in lane and aware of anything in your blind spot. 


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Fuel Economy

When it comes to fuel economy, between these two brands in the most recent release, we have another clear winner: BWM. That’s partially because of the lightweight body design and smaller engines in their most recent models. 

So, while BMW doesn’t quite match Mercedes’ performance potential right now, they can be a more efficient option at the pump. 

That said, like the other categories we’ve discussed, this hasn’t always been the case, and it’s worth checking which manufacturer is more fuel-efficient if you’re looking at older models and used or collector’s vehicles. 


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Which Brand Comes Out On Top?

Looking at BMW vs. Mercedes, the clear winner has to be Mercedes. Even though they are the more expensive brand, they hold value longer and are easier to insure and repair. They also offer an impressive suite of safety features really not matched by another brand in their price bracket. 

Just as importantly, Mercedes is the more powerful, higher-performance option right now. While that isn’t always true and isn’t true across all of their recent models, if you’re looking for a fun car to drive that looks and feels luxurious, Mercedes can help.

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