Available Makes

2020 Lamborghini Huracan Coupe


$333,397 $292,484 Price Range

The Basics

2 Seats

Under the hood

- Hwy mpg
- City mpg
10 Cylinder Engine

The number of rabbits represents 0-60 mph acceleration time v. all vehicles.


NHSTA® Safety

The good stuff

All equipment


Available trims (0)

Available packages (2)

the following Forged Composites: door handles air vents gearbox paddles central console side and lower part central console display and switch covers and door sill guards
LED ambient lighting on the central tunnel storage area door storage compartments and in the foot compartments

Available drive chains

all wheel drive

Available engines

10 Cylinder Engine

Available transmissions


Available colors

Viola Pasifae Pearl
Verde Mantis Pearl
Grigio Nimbus Metallic
Grigio Telesto Pearl
Arancio Anthaeus Matt
Bianco Canopus Matt
Marrone Apus Matt
Bianco Icarus Metallic
Arancio Argos Pearl
Viola 30 Degrees Pearl
Bianco Monocerus
Nero Granatus Special Metallic
Verde Ithaca Pearl
Blu Aegeus Matt
Rosso Mars Metallic
Nero Helene Metallic
Giallo Tenerife Pearl
Arancio Xanto Pearl
Blu Nethuns Special Metallic
Blu Glauco
Verde Scandal
Blu Le Mans
Grigio Titans Matt
Balloon White Pearl
Nero Nemesis Matt
Blu Sideris Special Metallic
Grigio Artis Matt
Blu Cepheus Pearl
Nero Noctis
Blu Aegir Pearl
Grigio Lynx Metallic
Viola Aletheia Special Metallic
Bianco Phanes Matt
Grigio Adamas Matt
Rosso Bia Special Metallic
Giallo Inti Pearl
Rosso Mimir Matt
Arancio Borealis Pearl
Rosso Efesto Special Metallic
Giallo Horus Matt
Rosso Rea
Nero Ade
Nero Ade/Blu Amon
Terra Eris/Nero Ade
Nero Ade/Giallo Taurus
Terra Efire Vintage
Terra Eris
Nero Ade/Bianco Leda
Terra Semele/Nero Ade
Rosso Rea/Nero Ade
Nero Ade/Verde Faunus
Blu Amon/Nero Ade
Verde Fauns/Nero Ade
Verde Arua Vintage/Nero
Blu Teia Vintage
Terra Efire Vintage/Nero
Rosso Alala/Nero Ade
Nero Ade/Arancio Leonis
Bianco Polar
Bianco Leda/Nero Ade
Arancio Dryope/Nero Ade
Verde Arua Vintage
Arancio Leonis/Nero Ade
Terra Asia Vintage
Nero Ade/Rosso Alala
Nero Ade/Arancio Dryope
Giallo Taurus/Nero Ade
Terra Asia Vintage/Nero
Marrone Orpheus
Terra Semele
Bianco Polar/Nero Ade
Blu Teia Vintage/Nero Ade

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