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How much should you pay for a used 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport?

Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 by M 93 — CC BY-SA 3.0 DE The 2015 Santa Fe Sport is an excellent small SUV for anyone looking for plenty of cargo space and comfortable seating for five. It comes with a fuel efficient 2.4L 4-cylinder engine that offers enough power to zip around the streets, anywhere from the city to the country, or an even more powerful turbocharged engine which provides a great ride with the tight steering of the Santa Fe Sport.

How much should you pay for a used 2014 Kia Sorento?

2014 Kia Sorento by Makizox — CC BY-SA 4.0 If you’re looking for a great midsize SUV with seating for five or seven, then the Sorento is a wonderful option. Its base model is well-equipped and quite capable, while the higher trims have great luxury and performance options to choose from. And while it could get pretty expensive when new, a pre-owned 2014 Sorento can give you premium equipment without the premium price.

How much should you pay for a used 2020 Ford Edge?

2019 Ford Edge by Vauxford — CC BY-SA 4.0 The 2020 Ford Edge is a very capable midsize SUV with two quality engine options, great standard features, and premium options available. Despite its large size for a five seat SUV, the standard 4-cylinder engine gets surprisingly good fuel mileage, and the optional V6 engine provides impressively sporty performance. And this doesn’t have to come at a massive expense, as you can save a lot of money buying a nearly new pre-owned 2020 Ford Edge.

How much should you pay for a used 2016 Subaru Forester?

2016 Subaru Forester by Vauxford — CC BY-SA 4.0 It can be hard to choose between the many great small SUVs on offer these days, but one that stands out from the rest is the Subaru Forester. It is one of the most capable off-road vehicles around with standard four-wheel drive, high ground clearance, and a powerful optional turbocharged engine that can take you over nearly any terrain you need it to.

How much should you pay for a used 2019 Ford Expedition Max?

Ford Expedition by Alexander Migl — CC BY-SA 4.0 In 2018, The Chevy Suburban desperately needed some new competition for the biggest and best SUV on the market. So in came the 2019 Ford Expedition Max. With 8 seats, cargo space for days, and powerful V6 and V8 options, the Expedition Max has a lot to offer for anyone in need of a large SUV. Whether you need it for hauling family, boats, luggage, etc.

How much should you pay for a used 2017 Land Rover Range Rover?

2017 Land Rover Range Rover by Vauxford — CC BY-SA 4.0 The 2017 model year is one of the best choices for a pre-owned Range Rover from Land Rover. It has nearly all the same available features as a 2020 model, and a nearly identical design inside and out. It is not only one of the most stylish, luxurious SUVs on the market, but it is also extremely capable on and off road.

How much should you pay for a used 2015 Nissan Sentra?

2015 Nissan Sentra S by Mr.choppers — CC BY-SA 3.0 A tight budget doesn’t mean that you can’t get a quality car in 2021. If you are looking for a good car that is still quite modern, low mileage, and a great value all around, look no further than a 2015 Nissan Sentra. You can easily find one today for ten thousand dollars or less, often with under fifty thousand miles on the odometer.

How Much Should You Pay for a Used 2020 Porsche Macan?

Porsche Macan by Wagon Master Johnson — CC BY-SA 4.0 The Porsche Macan brings Porsche’s supreme performance and luxury to a crossover. With seating for five, a sport-tuned suspension, and four powerful engine options, the Macan is a do-it-all crossover with excellent handling, snappy acceleration, and even enough power to do some light towing. If it seems like the perfect combination of stylish and spacious, practicality and performance, then you should consider buying a pre-owned 2020 model.

How much should you pay for a used 2020 Porsche Cayenne?

Image source Who ever said SUVs had to be nothing more than a practical way to move people and their stuff from one place to another? In 2003, Porsche decided that the humble SUV deserved an option that would excite you with their signature performance and style. And ever since, they have been honing that concept. The third generation Porsche Cayenne was introduced for the 2019 model year and is poised to remain in production (and stay in fashion) for the next few years.

Why are Jeeps so expensive?

Among automotive brands, there are few with more heritage and history than Jeep. Jeep does have a variety of vehicles under its umbrella, including the Cherokee and the Compass, but most enthusiasts love Jeep for its famous Wrangler. The starting price of a Wrangler is around $30,000 and they can easily crest over $40,000 and even $50,000 in some trim levels! This may have you asking yourself, why are Jeeps so expensive?

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