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A Brief History of Bentleys

Bentley Motors Company is a British manufacturer of luxury cars and SUVs with headquarters in Crewe, England, United Kingdom. The company was founded as Bentley Motors Limited in 1919, before being acquired by Rolls-Royce in 1931. Ultimately, the two companies split up with the purchase of Rolls-Royce Limited by Vickers (and then BMW) and Bentley by the Volkswagen Group in 1998."

Bentley is exclusively a producer of luxury SUVs and cars. This includes the third-generation Continental GT and the Bentayga, which is the only SUV currently being produced by Bentley.

Anecdote/Recent News Story

Bentley Motors has announced plans to electrify their entire lineup by the year 2023. This means every car the company releases from then on will feature plug-in hybrid options.

The company also stressed its desire to include a battery-electric vehicle to their lineup by the year 2025. This sounds like an easy goal, considering the company is owned by Volkswagen, one of the biggest producers of EVs in the entire world. However, Bentley ownership believes that a battery-electric Bentley should feature the next step in battery technology. In July, the company rolled out its first electric vehicle concept called the EXP 100 GT. The concept car could travel about 435 miles on battery power and is capable of reaching speeds up to 186 mph.

Synopsis of Bentley Car Models

Bentley is one of the few automotive manufacturers in the world that still produces handcrafted cars and SUVs. That’s why the company features such a limited number of model choices and so few units of each model.

Their car models include the Mulsanne, Flying Spur, and Continental models. The Flying Spur. which has been in production since 2005, is a four-door variant of the Bentley Continental GT. The Continental model also has a GT speed trim that can travel 0-60 in 4.1 seconds and is capable of a top speed of 203 mph.

Synopsis of Bentley SUV Models

The only SUV model Bentley offers right now is the Bentley Bentayga. The Bentayga was initially introduced in September 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

In the past, Bentley has been rumored to be working on SUV models both above and below the Bentayga. However, the company refuted those rumors earlier this year, saying the company would continue working on more variations of the Bentayga.

The Bentayga accounts for almost 50% of all Bentley models sold worldwide, making it the company’s best selling model. Many view the Bentley Bentayga as the most luxurious all-terrain vehicle ever made. Conclusion

Bentley has stayed true to its original business model to produce the most beautiful handcrafted luxury automobiles. The company is widely respected as one of the best and luxurious car brands in the history of the automotive world.

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